Business Solutions

Committed to producing high-efficiency cells and PV modules to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas markets

The service ranges from the technical planning (EPCM) to the turnkey delivery (EPC) and finally to the operation (O&M) of the projects. Risen Energy as one of the major investor and leading service providers knows how to combine the different needs and expectations competently, always aiming for a sustainable and successful integration of solar projects into the global future energy supply.

Risen Energy hires several well-known engineers in the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar power stations. Moreover, Risen Energy sets up design department, engineer department, O&M department, PV products department and others. We can provide solutions of projects consulting, designing, installation, network support, test and maintenance, system upgrade and others.

Risen Energy continues to expand the numbers and scale of the projects. And it needs new and deeper partnerships and financing system.