Business Solutions

Committed to producing high-efficiency cells and PV modules to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas markets


| Profit evaluation
| Set up of legal entities (SPV's)
| Pre-financing
| Structuring of debt and equity
| Tax and insurance planning
| Prepare, audit and negotiate contracts
| Project placement as a single project or portfolio to financial or strategic investors
| Insurance concept

With the impressive record and excellent financing techniques, Risen Energy can provide a variety of financing options and customized products according to different needs.

Constructing projects requires a variety of investment and financing skill and use financial leverage to maximize the interests of the investors, financiers, owners and other units to achieve project benefits.

On the project investment and financing, Risen Energy provides the most professional  project orientations for the investors choosing, or combined into high-end financial products to collect more revenue.

Risen Energy launched IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market and has strong financing capacity.  Risen Energy also established close cooperation  with Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank and others and Risen has formed a chain, which provides strong protection in investment, operation, development solar power stations. In addition, Risen Energy provides different services for different countries in projects financing.