Business Solutions

Committed to producing high-efficiency cells and PV modules to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas markets


| Layout of a plant
| Cost calculation
| Yield analysis
| Technical planning: conceptual, basic and detailed engineering

Risen Energy has accumulated lots of experience while successfully completed hundreds of solar projects . In addition,by using the PV modules  we make ourselves, Risen Energy is able to provide significant price  and technological advantages.

One of Risen Energy’s main businesses is the execution of solar projects. The team has the knowledge to plan and execute solar projects with the highest level of certification. In-house engineers with civil, electrical and mechanical expertise to plan and design efficient and professional systems. We purchase and test our samples with IEC standard and also passed multiple international QC,unit's  examinat. Therefore, we are confident to give your projects highly efficiency outputs.

We use our expertise to save cost and provide higher profits for customers.

| Purchase agreements
| Logistic services
Risen Energy has the best procurement team and optimizes projects in the procurement costs of customer requirements. Risen Energy only cooperates with world-class manufacturers and ensures the projects are completed in a timely manner by global supply chain.

The global procurement system, which was developed for a long time, provides the good quality and price. It can provide  efficient products according to the need of customers to  save the cost and to create more profits for customers.

| Coordination
| Site supervision
| Quality inspection
| Pilot Run

Risen Energy is a world-class development company in photovoltaic building and management. With the leading technology of the electricity company to construct the highest level of solar projects, Risen Energy has more than hundreds of solar projects around the world. The PV projects area is everywhere from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gansu and other cities and also worldwide as Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, France, UK, Spain, the Middle East and others.

The members of the construction team are from the headquarters and the workers who have the experience in construction will construct the projects. Moreover, third parties will provide quality supervision according to customer requirement,and the projects will be handed over the customers when the test run is positive to ensure good customer service.