About Risen

Committed to producing high-efficiency cells and PV modules to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas markets

Social Responsibility

The company has been giving back to society in various forms.

The company has been giving back to society in various forms.

Risen Energy with the completion of BWSF S&H Kindergarten in Liangbao, Gansu, The charitable events of Risen Energy lights up the Western begins in December of 2015. Risen Energy will continue to donate off-grid PV systems to BWSF S&H Kindergarten and support the installation, construction and maintenance. Risen Energy will use the technology and its products to solve the problem of supplying power in BWSF S&H Kindergarten.

Risen Energy with “Hundreds Companies Charity”, a large-scale noncommercial documentary that went to Jiabang, Congjiang, Guizhou in January in 2016 and donated 3000 books for the students. 19 left-behind children were pleased when they got the books and read them.

Risen also constructed the home Meilin donor nursing home ,established the Risen Growth libraey, donated equipment for rual schools and much more. Donations pass on the love and create hope. Donations reflect love and, the company hopes everyone is touched by the experience and now possess the strength to pass the baton of love along, and urge more caring members of the community to take action.